Sunglasses Ray Ban Round metal Flat Lenses RB 3447N (001/3F)

Even though there is a range of brands differing supreme quality metal frame sunglasses, but none of them can match the charisma and comfort of the original Ray-Ban. The brand surely has its own charisma; which makes it the most celebrated fashion label even after years. The reason is pretty simple, Ray-Ban is the name of class and excellence y producing supreme quality sunglasses through the finest craftsmanship and quality material. So, the sunglass we are discussing in the content is the Sunglasses Ray Ban Round metal Flat Lenses RB 3447N (001/3F). We all have our favorites in Ray-Ban sunglasses, but none of the shapes can match up the charm of a round shape sunglass. Besides, it is also the massive fashion fever; that makes it perfect eyewear for your closet this season. Another advantage of this unisex sunglass; is that it is free from the restriction of man’s and woman’s wear. Hence you and your girlfriend can pull it off with elan. After all, we all admire the celebrities successfully pulling off their street style and casual looks with the funky Ray-Ban round shape sunglass. If you talk about the shape, so you are getting the exotic phantos in this silhouette. Furthermore, the brand is nailing it with two different size choices. Yes, you heard it right! The brand understands the varying facial structure needs of every customer. Therefore, the first size is 53 mm wide and 50 mm tall lens. However, the second size is 50 mm wide and 47 mm tall lens; feel free to pick the right shade for you. For me, the crystal white blue shade works perfectly. However, you can always look for an alternative; in case you do not like this shade.

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