Sunglasses Ray Ban RB 3447 Round Metal Flash Lenses (019/30)

Ray-Ban was the guru of the eyewear industry for a long time. The brand has been ruling the fashion world for almost a decade, and it is getting bigger and better with every passing day. The brand offers an exquisite collection of unique shape sunglasses in every possible shape and style, catering to an extensive clientele. Amongst the entire line of eyewear, today we will be discussing the evergreen Ray-ban round shape sunglasses. I know the shape is back again in trend, and I am in love with the fresh fashion fever. Therefore, my pick for the day is the Sunglasses Ray Ban RB 3447 Round Metal Flash Lenses (019/30). The sunglass is the perfect example of the contemporary fashion game, keeping alive your OTD. Bringing together the best craftsmanship and the supreme quality material, the Ray-Ban round shape sunglass is pretty amazing in every aspect. The Ray-Ban is nailing it yet again by offering a massive line of sunglass shades so that you can pick the right shade for yourself. For me! The elegant metal frame in silver color with crystal green mirror silver shade lens is the ideal combination. You can use this shade for all your day and night summer eyewear. Besides, the Ray-Ban round shape sunglass is suitable for both the genders. You talk about the size, so the sunglass is once again mesmerizing us with two different sizes. The idea of empowering you to pick the most appropriate size is the epitome of care and love. The first size is 53 mm wide and 50 mm tall lens. However, the the second lens is around 50 mm wide and 47 mm tall lens. So, the ball is in your court; which one is your favorite shade and size in the Ray-ban round sunnies!

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